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Did you know that as a homeowner you should be having all of your gas appliances tested for gas safety every 12 months? And if you’re a landlord, this is a legal requirement.

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You should think of gas safety certificates like an annual MOT for your gas appliances. Gas appliances can break or become faulty at any time. You might not even know that anything is broken, and this is where the danger lies.

Don’t take chances with your safety. Call one of our qualified gas engineers today to get a quote for gas safety testing in your home.

London’s Premier Gas, Plumbing and Heating Solution

Welcome to Gas Safety Medic LTD. I’m Scott Gibson, a qualified gas, plumbing and heating engineer working in London and its surrounding areas.

I’m committed to offering the highest quality plumbing, gas and heating services at affordable prices. And I’m here to simply get the job done!

I pride myself on being able to deliver an exceptional service for every one of my clients – no matter the size or scale of the job at hand.


Living in London, I know the area well and am passionate about supporting local businesses. With it being just me it means I can offer you a price and level of service that some of my bigger competitors just can’t compete with.



My core work is for domestic customers. Whether you're looking to repair, install or upgrade, I'll keep your home safe and in working order!


I work with landlords and commercial businesses to ensure your property is safe. I will minimise any disruption to your business by quite simply getting the job done! 

emergency call-out

An emergency gas, plumbing or heating issue can be a real worry! So, if you have an emergency I offer a call-out and advice service to help keep you safe.

Gas Safety

Are you looking for a qualified Gas Safe engineer?

I offer a variety of domestic gas engineering services to make sure all of your appliances are safe and regulated.

Boiler Services

Do you need a new boiler or an existing boiler repaired or maintained?

I offer standard and emergency call-outs on our boiler services and other plumbing services.

Heating Services

Is your heating working? Do you need a heating system installed or repaired?

I offer domestic and commercial heating engineering services for existing systems or new systems.

Plumbing Services

Do you have emergency leaks? Perhaps you have new installations or repairs?

Domestic and commercial plumbers are available to keep your bathroom and kitchen in working order.

values at gas safety medic LTD

Of course, you’d expect your plumbing, heating or gas engineer to be highly qualified and professional. That goes as standard. But here at Gas Safety Medic LTD, I always try to go beyond the standard. That’s why I think I’m more than your average engineer. So, here are some of the core values I bring to every client and every job:


I'm mindful of the fact that I am being trusted to come into people’s homes. So, I am always respectful of the people I meet, and the spaces I work in. I will always show my identity card before entering your home, so you can trust that the person at your door is a legitimate, qualified professional.


As a gas, plumbing and heating engineer I not only meet strict qualifications and professional training standards, but I also pride myself on personal organisation and timekeeping. I will turn up when I say I will and do everything within my power to keep every job running on time.



I understand that gas, plumbing and heating services are sometimes complex, especially if you’re dealing with an emergency situation. That’s why I will give you a list of every piece of work I have carried out before I leave. You can ask me any questions you like, and I will help you to understand everything I've done.


Whilst I am professional, I am also human! I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, and I am all about building long-term relationship here at Gas Safety Medic LTD. Many of my clients have been with me for years because they appreciate the personal level of service I am able to offer.


As a local guy, I live in London and know the area well. I am passionate about supporting local businesses. And because it is just me, it means that I am able to offer you a price and a level of service that some of our bigger competitors just can’t compete with.

I am experienced and helpful when it comes to plumbing, gas and heating services; I really know my stuff. I hold myself to strict professional and regulatory standards and I’m never satisfied with a job until you are. I will give you all of my details and qualifications so you can check me out beforehand. But of course, you should expect that from any professional plumbing, heating or gas engineer.

I’m also never content with the bare minimum. The benefit of being able to offer gas, heating and plumbing services means that I am able to go the extra mile for my clients. I often advise our customers on other areas outside of the job I’ve been booked for. So, you can keep all of your repairs, maintenance and installations with one trusted provider.


I always go above and beyond for my customers when it comes to organisation. I will provide you with a complete list of everything I've done, including any advice I have given you. This helps you to understand where you’ve spent your money, and keep track of any gas engineering work completed. I also keep you organised by reminding you when annual gas safety checks need to be done. So, you can relax, knowing that your gas appliances are in safe hands.


As a qualified gas safe engineer when I enter any home, I have a duty of care to check any appliances I see, to make sure everything is in working order. So, whilst I might have been called out to check one appliance, I won’t leave until I'm confident your home is completely safe. I will also always show my identity card before I enter the property to reassure you, particularly if you live alone or feel vulnerable. You can check my ID number at any time.



It’s important to me to build positive long-term relationship with my customers. As a London gas engineer I am not only trained in gas engineering, but also heating engineering and plumbing. So, I often advise my customers on more areas than just the job I'v been called out for. My wide range of expertise is what keep my customers coming back to me again and again. In fact, many of my customers have been with m for years!

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