What to do if you have a leak

First things first

The first thing will be to locate the stopcock and turn it clockwise.

By turning it stopcock to the off position will stop any water from entering your system. Make sure everybody knows where the stopcock is located in case of an emergency.

If you don’t yet know if the leak is coming from your heating system, it makes sense to turn this off too. You will need to turn off the water supply to your heating system by locating the shut-off valve next to your boiler. Now turn on the hot water tap to drain the system. You should also turn off the boiler at the mains by locating the relevant circuit breaker.

If the water is anywhere near electrical outlets or appliances, switch off your power at the mains by identifying the right circuit breakers. Wall sockets and light fittings can also be damaged by water, so on the side of caution to help limit the damage and switch these off too. This will also help to make your home safe while you wait for a professional.

If you smell gas or worried about gas safety

  • Gas emergency number is (0800) 111999
  • He is crucial to act quickly in a gas emergency these are the steps you need to take to stay safe
  • Extinguish all naked flames
  • Do not operate switch is either on or off
  • Ventilate the premises says by opening doors and windows
  • Contact the national gas emergency service number (0800) 111999

Boiler not working

A leaking combi boiler is one of the most well-known causes of a boiler not working. A leak can spring up anywhere in the system and drop the pressure significantly if it’s after the pressure gauge, it might not even get picked up by the readings.
 Check everything that’s exposed, such as radiators, as well as the boiler itself. If you don’t see any obvious signs, then you might have to contact an engineer and get them to look at the entire heating and boiler system themselves.

No pilot light

This can be quite noticeable too since as. it stops the boiler from actually heating up everything that passes through it. No pilot light or thermostat means that your boiler will produce no central heating or warm water.

Very few modern boiler designs use an actual flame anymore, so you’ll be relying on technology instead. if you can’t restart it, get an engineer to take a look since they’re more likely to identify the damaged components correctly.

Losing pressure

The most common reason for boiler losing pressure is because there is a leak on your system somewhere. It could be a small leak from your radiator valve or a pipe on the system causing the boiler to lose pressure. Also there could be a faulty valve on the boiler making the boiler lose pressure.

To fix this problem you need to get the leak fixed and then fill up the boiler so that the correct pressure is showing on the pressure gauge.

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